Talkin' Tough Enough - Week 7

By Dan Calvarese     May 17, 2011    

AJ arrives back at the house and informs Martin, Christina, and Andy that Stone Cold took both Ivelisse and Eric's belts. Christina covers her mouth in shock but quickly turns into happiness as she is the last female in the competition! Ah, sweet victory! Take that Ivelisse! AJ lays on his bed in relief and lets us know that there is a fire and it has been lit under his ass. Sadly, that was not a literal statement!

Girl time! Trish and Christina are outside in the beautiful California sun doing some yoga (who would've thought?!) and Trish asks her what's going through Christina's mind at this point in the competition. She expresses concern over not knowing what's going to happen next and that she's a little intimidated because she is competing against all the men now. After getting words of encouragement from Trish, they end the yoga session and hug each other. The final six students show up to practice and it's quite different this time around because Bill is actually nice to the students and talks to them like human beings! I knew he had a soft spot somewhere in that huge body of his! He tells Christina he's proud of her and tells her to keep doing what she's doing before practice begins. Drill sergeant Trish makes sure the practice has a nice and even flow to it, yelling "1-2!" to guide them along. Stone Cold enters the facility and talk to the students about creativity, citing his own creativity for making his signature moves have the 'Stone Cold' touch! AJ fails to impress the trainers again and is told to get out of the ring. See, told you that fire should have literally been lit under his ass! Jeremiah also fails to impress and they tell him he's turning into MMA Jeremiah, not WWE Jeremiah. Next, they practice throwing each other out of the ring. Stone Cold stops them after noticing there isn't anything creative about their exit after being launched over the ropes and they "look like a bunch of damn trash, blowing down the highway!" Now that nickname 'Tumbleweed' is starting to make more sense! Continuously, the students were pissing off the judges due to their lack of creativity, and as Trish liked to call them - deadasses! Hmmm, thank you for the new word to add to my always-expanding vocabulary! After punching Luke in the face and nearly ending his life by throwing him over the ropes (might as well been an airplane), the trainers end the training session and tell them to go home.

Back at the house, Andy watches a video of his daughter that his wife sent and talks to her on the phone. Outside, Trish awaits a limo with some familiar faces - the WWE Divas. Kelly Kelly, Eve, and the Bella Twins pop out of the limo, each carrying a bottle of champagne. Damn, the sun hasn't even gone down yet and these party animals are ready to get it on and poppin'! The girls head upstairs to find Luke and Jeremiah standing in their towels (Trish must've tipped them off because there couldn't have been better timing for that one!), to which Jeremiah says "they put the hot in hotness." The Bella Twins, seemingly already a couple cocktails deep, approved of the visual! Downstairs, it's time to cheers and the bottles have been opened! Christina enters and gets extra love from the Divas and she says she would like a drink too. Trish points out that she fits right in with the Divas, to which they agree. Are they saying that because she likes to drink too or because they don't want Alicia Fox to Foxtrot all over their asses? I'm going with the latter! The crew heads out to dinner at an asian restaurant where they continue to sip on wine and champagne. Jeremiah finally stands up and says, "Ya'll want some real drinks?!" Not to our surprise, the Bella Twins oblige first followed by everyone else except for Andy, who still says he's not going to drink during the competition. Kelly Kelly talks to Christina, who offers more encouraging words to her about being in the business as a female and that she sees a lot of potential in her. Meanwhile, one of the Bellas talks to AJ while the other Bella bitchslaps Jeremiah! To his enjoyment, Jeremiah asks for another slap and than Luke wants a slap from Angry Bella! Before you know it, Luke and Jeremiah are slapping each other! This relationship clearly isn't going to last because they've only been together for sevens weeks and they're already beating each other! Couples counseling didn't work for LayCool, I'm not sure it will work for these two either! The group cheers the remaining contestants, and the Bella who was handing out slaps to the face like lollipops, has a shot in her hand! All I know is that after that segment, I want to get my party on with the Bella Twins cause they seem they seem to know a thing or two about a thing or two when it comes to partying!

The next day, the students arrive to THQ Headquarters where they meet Stone Cold and the CEO of THQ. He tells them they will be creating their own video game characters on the new WWE All Stars game to see how creative they can be. Stone Cold credits his creativity again when he talks about turning his horrible gimmick of the Ringmaster into the 'baddest sum bitch' in the wrestling world. After creating their video game characters, they meet up with Stone Cold and face off against one another in the game. With character names such as The Natural, Mikayla, The Future Legend, and BetterThanU, the CEO of THQ liked Luke's character the best. Stone Cold informs them that they're going to be having a night training session when they get back to the house. The students get to practice and Bill and Booker await them. Boo, no Trish! Practice begins and they do arm drags with one another, along with bodyslams, splashes, and false pins. AJ is sent out of the ring again for being too gentle when he did the false pin. The trainers tell him he's the weakest person still in the competition and the clock is ticking. Martin covered Andy for the false pin and when he got up to run out of the ring, he heard a pop and there was instant pain in his leg. The medic checked him out as he was persistent about trying to continue with practice. The medic asked him to stand but he had difficulty doing so. Bill told him that since he can't continue, he needs to put ice and pay attention to practice. The medic advises him to get an x-ray and to not just try to walk it off. He takes the medic's advice and goes to the hospital.

The next morning, Martin still hadn't returned home from the hospital. At practice, the students warm up when Martin shows up on crutches with his WWE title belt on! He tells the trainers that he fractured his ankle and the doctors will not let him continue on in the competition! Stone Cold asks Martin to come to his office, who is visibly upset with how he is leaving the competition. Stone Cold tells him a story of when he broke his neck from taking a piledriver and thought that his career was over. He assures Martin that he will be a success in the wrestling business if he's truly passionate about it. He tells Martin he's not taking his belt because he thinks he is Tough Enough, and that Martin can hang his belt himself. Martin hugs all of the trainers and remaining contestants and exits to a standing ovation from everyone. After an emotional moment, the Skills Challenge begins. Bills tells them they have two minutes to show everything they've learned since being on the show and in addition to that, they must perform one move off the top rope. Christina gets encouraging words from Bill before she has to perform with AJ. After an impressive showing, Christina went to the top rope and jumped off towards AJ, and hurt her ankle when she landed. She instantly fell to the ground and tears began to flow. Trish looked on in shock before jumping in the ring to help her with her breathing. Stone Cold informs the remaining four that because Martin was out of the competition due to his injury and Christina may possibly be out now too, there was no point in having an elimination. They wrap her foot in ice and take her to the hospital. Two injuries in one week is unbelievable, and it's quite sad that Martin and potentially Christina's dreams have been swept right out from underneath their feet. We also saw a change because there was no elimination ceremony and the episode ended as more of a "To be continued" episode. So just like how this episode ended, I will end this week's column in the same fashion - to be continued!

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