Talkin' Tough Enough - Week 5

By Dan Calvarese     May 3, 2011    

We start off with the familiar sound of the air horn, controlled by Trish this time! All three of the trainers arrive to the house to wake up the contestants and to tell them to get outside to the field. You would think they would already know this is standard in the Tough Enough household! Trish, Bill, and Booker stand outside in their bootcamp gear as the students arrive. Bill informs them that they will be doing an obstacle course for a task this week. While I would type it all out for you, I'll keep it short and just say that it looks like a very exhausting time. Bill claims that you will never have to run an obstacle course in a WWE ring, but I would like to correct him and give him some clips of the Diva Search and a link to WWE's webcast of NXT. Touche Mr. DeMott! AJ completes the task without any problems (or so editing wants us to believe!) and Trish meets him at the end of the course with a high-five; I'm sure that lit a fire under his ass! Ryan has issues with his crabwalking skills and Eric's tripping (surprising, isn't it?) over the tires. Andy lags a bit and Jeremiah catches up to him quickly. Kudos to someone who can party half the night and than get up the next morning and kick some butt on this obstacle course - more than I can say for myself! Ivelisse struggles with the obstacle course as Trish cheers her on and encourages her. She should teach Bill a thing or two about that! Christina questions Ive's ability to become a WWE Diva as she watches her push through the obstacle course. Once everyone has been through the obstacle course, Bill tells them to go get ready for training.

The students walk into training to see Rey Mysterio sitting on the turnbuckle. He talks to them about teamwork and how everyone needs to work together to create a better product. Once he leaves, training begins and the students are told to bodyslam a 70-pound bag ten times each. Martin executes the challenge to a tee (and pissing Luke off too, I'm sure) while Ryan botches getting in the ring. Ivelisse continues to struggle with this challenge while Trish continues to encourage her. Trish wants her to "bring it". After saying that for the second week in a row, I'm pretty sure Trish is channeling her inner Rock. Now when's she going to start laying the smackdown? Next thing we see is Ivelisse and Christina running the ropes and doing a drill with each other. The men look on from the outside and they're all suddenly... Shirtless? What the hell? Guess they couldn't handle watching two chicks wrestling! Christina attempts to leapfrog over Ivelisse but falls short as the two collide and Ive falls to the ground. After being looked at by medics, Ive extended her leg too far when she collided with Christina and pulled her hamstring. The rest of the students run the drill as well and Bill points out how the students all seem to be slacking this week. Christina shows more signs of having trouble jumping as she practices with other students and Ryan shows more signs of botching. After being thrown out of the ring by Bill for the second time now, Trish pulls him aside and tells him he needs to absorb what they are telling him. Practice for the day has ended and all the contestants head home.

Trish walks into the girls' room and asks Christina and Ivelisse if they can have a little chit chat. Of course the girls agree, who wouldn't?!? Trish gives them encouraging words about the competition and how they need to step it up or they could be going home soon. She also says that the girls are looking like the "weaker sex" so step it up! Woohoo for female empowerment pep talks! On the other hand, Ivelisse appears to think that Christina is intentionally trying to hurt her. The next day, the students go to a basketball gym and meet Booker who is with former NBA player, John Salley. He says he brought a couple of his friends along to help them learn to be a good team. Out comes Hornswoggle's family from the locker room, complete with basketballs and uniforms! Ok, they aren't Hornswoggle's family, but they are a dwarf basketball team known as the Statesmen! The game starts and Booker isn't even rooting for Team Tough Enough! What gives with these trainers?! Team Tough Enough looked good in the beginning, but things quickly went downhill. The Statesmen catch up and prevail over Team Tough Enough! Talk about underestimating the competition! We are taken back to the training facility and Booker tells the students they sucked as a team. As he addresses the students, Ryan rolls his eyes! Is he wishing for death? Booker rips him up and let's him know he needs to slow his role and stop acting like a fool. Like any sane person, Ryan adjusted his attitude and came correct! Stone Cold gets in the ring and asks Ryan what kind of shirt he was wearing. No, no Stone Cold, it isn't a fashion statement! He just needed to learn what the word "respect" means. The Skills Challenge begins and the students are put in pairs of three to perform a sequence in the ring, similar to what they had done in the drill in the beginning of the episode. Martin is the star of the first group, with praise from all of the trainers. The second group is Christina, Ivelisse, and AJ. Ive and Christina continue to struggle with their skills and failed to impress any of the trainers. Say what Stone Cold?! Modified cluster-what?! Maybe someone else figured out what he said... Luke and Ryan are up next and the trainers agree that Ryan did better than Luke! Stone Cold says that Luke hasn't moved forward in learning. This gives me vibes of Matt's elimination in week two! Ryan, AJ, and Martin are the final three, but Ryan is quickly removed yet again for botching. Well, botching meaning he doesn't know how to not be over the top in the ring. AJ gets tired eventually during his bout with Martin, which leaves Martin as the winner for the third week in a row! And we know Luke, you're still better than Martin! We know you know better than the four professionals who have had successful wrestling careers! You don't have to remind us every single week tough! The trainers head to the good ol' elimination center a.k.a. Stone Cold's office.

Stone Cold asks what happened with Ive and Christina lately. Bill says Ive needs to work through her injuries and needs to go beyond just getting through. The trainers agree that Christina was doing great in the beginning (thanks FCW!) but has hit a wall since. Trish says Christina's problem is that she thinks she's doing good, but she's really not. Ryan is talked about next and...Do I need to even recap that one? He was complimented for getting better, but he ruined it by actin' a fool in the ring. They talk about how Luke has kind of fallen back and hasn't been on his game like usually. He's bothered that he's not on top, Trish? Who would've thought? I certainly didn't with his cocky attitude and good looks! Deliberation ends and Stone Cold calls forth Christina, Ryan, and Luke! He tells them to pack their stuff and meet him back in the ring for a "Come to Jesus" meeting. I'd like to think of it more like a "Come to Satan" meeting! Going into elimination, Ryan is ready to prove us yet again that he's in it to win it, Christina seems a little nervous, and Luke doesn't understand why he's in the bottom three. Stone Cold arrives and asks Christina to tell him about her. She tells him that she has a dance and cheerleading background and began wrestling eight months ago. He didn't understand with that background why she couldn't do a leapfrog. He said that she needs to show him more and she says she can do that. Stone Cold turns to Luke, who says he feels like he's performed well every week and shouldn't be in the bottom three. He tells Luke that despite his experience and who trained him, his buddy Jeremiah was outperforming him. Stone Cold walks over to Ryan, sighs, and than goes back to Christina. He asks her if Luke is tough enough, to which she replies that he is physically tough but she doesn't think he can handle a locker room due to his immaturity and lack of respect. Stone Cold asks him if he's insecure and Luke says no, he just loves himself very much. Another news-flashing statement made by Luke! Stone Cold tells him that he doesn't like people like him and he's not sure he's going to make it out of elimination. Finally, Stone Cold goes to Ryan and asks why he doesn't absorb any of the information they give him and why he's still doing the stupid stuff in the ring. Ryan says he can hold his own in the ring. Stone Cold points out that this is his third time in eliminations so that claim is false. Hey, Rima didn't get a third chance! Send him out Rima-style! Stone says he has a dilemma and Ryan says there shouldn't be one and that he's not sure Christina can toughen up. She says that she is the one with the least experience and says the reason she is there can be fixed. He goes to Ryan, who says the same thing he always says at elimination, and Stone Cold told him it's his third strike and he's out! He takes Ryan's belt, and he told Christina and Luke to step it up. Ryan says he's not going to stop trying until he sees Stone Cold backstage at a WWE event. I do know one thing though! Somewhere in Dirty Jersey, Mickael is smiling after tonight's episode!

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