Talkin' Tough Enough - Week 4

By Dan Calvarese     April 26, 2011    

Another week, another elimination, another mystified pack of contestants! Rima walks into the house screaming and cheering, happy to be back. And welcoming her with open arms is Christina! Aw, how sweet! She's nothing like her sister who we all know and love as sneaky WWE Diva Alicia Fox! Moments later, Ryan walks in the door bringing shockwaves in the fellow contestants. Rima screams in joy, jumping up and down. Calm down homegirl, we aren't cheerleading this week! Ryan recalls the promo battle between him and Mickael with the other contestants and makes his way upstairs. Time to get a new mattress, and what better to do than take Mickael's since he took it upon himself before elimination to take Ryan's. Ah, sweet revenge! Rima starts getting ready to go do some midnight training with Bill and meets up with him at the training center. "This is our date, Bill!" screams Rima. Bill quickly tells her this is no date. What the hell kind of dates does she usually go on that she's being body-slammed relentlessly? Bill starts doing beginner basics with Rima, and she has difficulty pulling off the moves. Afterwards, Bill sits with her and talks about her decision to get into wrestling and she gets emotional. Where is Christina now with that hug because Bill isn't hugging anyone! Rima says that she refuses to quit and heads back to the house.

The students arrive to practice and Stone Cold tells them to get in the ring. The guest this week is WWE Hall of Famer, Bret Hart! Bret talks about agility with the contestants... Looks like we have our lesson for this week! Booker T is absent again this week due to SmackDown tapings (yes, that means more Trish!!) and the students are brought into the ring for the activity. Each contestant has to stand in the corner and jump from inside of the ring to the apron and over the ropes 5 times each on each corner. Sounds confusing written, but you should know what I'm talking about 'cause you were watching! Andy is the first to go, and is yelled at by Bill for being sloppy. "Somebody get some ice ready for his nuts!" screams Bill. Ouch! Looks like the girls maybe have a slight advantage in that department for this challenge! Martin makes this look too easy. Is he the new "Mr. Perfect" (and no, not Curt Hennig)? Luke better step his game up to win back that title! Ivelisse struggles and Trish encourages her. Rima falls flat and Bill tells her to just get out of the ring. Poor Rima can't catch a break! Christina does it the best out of the females. I guess big sister has been teaching her a thing or two! Luke and Jeremiah make it look like a piece of cake as well. "God damn!" and "Good job Jeremiah!" were both reactions from Trish, which were my thoughts exactly!

The next day, the students go downstairs to their gym where Bill awaits! He tells them to get dressed and go meet Trish for their Life Lesson. Oh goody! Trish in charge of another Life Lesson challenge! They arrive at Frisco's, a 50's-esque (or I think it was 50's style) restaurant where we see waitress mannequins with roller skates and skirts on! Trish talks to them about agility again and introduces the owner of Frisco's, who says that they're going to be given a crash course of how to wait tables in roller skates. The contestants gear up and Eric talks about how he doesn't want a busted face or tailbone. Don't worry Eric, we're sure you'll succeed in doing that if the past episodes are any indication! Yup, it just happened as I typed that. After a quick practice session, they head inside and the games begin! Contestants do a pretty fair job and Bill arrives. He sits with Trish, who is sitting like a queen on a pedestal getting her grub on. A salad though Trish? You're in a 50's-restaurant! Ryan makes his way over to Trish and Bill's table with 2 plates of deep-fried delicious goodness. Hey, you need a cheat day every once in a while when you're on Stratusphere Living! The contestants get on serving and dancing in their skates, to which Eric is the only one who fell while serving. Luckily, he didn't break anything. Trish rounds up the crew and tells them they did a good job and thanks the fine people of Frisco's for allowing them to test their agility! "Drinks are on me!" says the owner of Frisco's. Someone get me my real clothes so I can hurry up, change, and have a cocktail! The party is on and the contestants are drinking and dancing like it's nobodies business! We also learned this week that the contestants have alter egos once they have a couple drinks in them: Rima becomes a belly dancer, Luke and Jeremiah become strippers, and Christina becomes her sister! "Tomorrow's the Skills Challenge and we're all a little bit toasty right now. So the plan was to get everyone a little drunksies before tomorrow's Skill's Challenge. So tomorrow we'll just see who's hurting!" said Christina. Sneaky and conniving just like that Alicia Fox! And to think, you had me fooled for a hot minute!

No more partying and time for business! As the students go through Stratus/DeMott bootcamp (still working on a catchy name for said-bootcamp), Stone Cold arrives and tells them their Skills Challenge will be all about... You got it, agility! Bill explains they will stand in the corner and than meet in the middle, run, headlock, tackle, drop down, leapfrog, hip toss, cover (say that 3 times fast) repeatedly until they're told to stop! Martin and AJ start it off and the students couple up and rotate. Rima is the first to fall from the challenge as she lacked the ability to perform the moves and was winded very easily. Awkward faces befell Trish and Stone Cold as she performed, while Bill brought Jesus into this - and not in a good way! Christina and AJ get eliminated after they ad-libbed the routine. Jeremiah tried a kip-upand failed, to which Trish said to Bill "If you can't do it, don't do it!" While Andy had a good showing and impressed, it came down to Luke and Martin in the end. Bill tells them to take their shirts off and Martin does so while grinding. What?? Trish wasn't impressed. But than again, who would be when you valeted the king of grinding, Val Venis? Despite the grinding fail, Martin pulled off the win for the second week in a row! Luke is not pleased that he didn't win and reiterates that he's still the best in this contest. The trainers go to Stone Cold's office for some elimination talk. Stone Cold asks who they think top dog is and Trish praises Martin for his solid and consistent ring work. Stone Cold agrees and says Martin, Luke, and Andy are the real deal in this contest. Stone Cold brings up Ryan and Bill continues to remind us of his dislike for Ryan. The focus is moved onto the females where Trish says Iveliss has a "boo face" in the ring while Christina's not "bringing it". She's clearly not a fan of the Rock because if she was, she'd be bringin' it 24 hours a day/7 days a week/365 days a year! Rima is the next victim where they agree that she's got a lot of heart, but she's just not an athlete. The meeting is over and they go back to the waiting contestants. He calls Rima forward and says that he's not going to call anyone else forward because she's eliminated! He tells her what they all agreed on in discussion but he doesn't think her body can take it. He also mentions that if she's serious about being in the business, she'll still end up in the business. He tells her to go pack her stuff and bring back her WWE title belt. The contestants express their sorrow for Rima and say she has a great attitude about the business and she impressed them. Trish talks to her at the house, saying that Rima reminds her of herself at the beginning of her wrestling career because they had a similar background and had the same preconceived notions going against them. She says that Rima shattered the beauty queen image. Who better for that compliment to come from than Trish? They hug it out before Rima goes to meet up with Stone Cold. She gives Stone Cold her belt (and a hug!) and leaves the training facility.

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