Talkin' Tough Enough - Week 3

By Dan Calvarese     April 19, 2011    

Hello everyone, and welcome to the third installment of Talkin' Tough Enough! Hopefully everyone had a great week and enjoyed last night's show! Remember how last week I was talking about bad karma? Well, I feel like that was the theme again this week.

We start right where we left off last week, and Michelle & Mickael are shocked - "Holy S#%t!" face and all! Oh Mickael, just the reaction I was expecting from you! He proceeds to talk of his hate for Ryan as he returned to the house, and even questioned the man in charge of eliminations. Let's hope Stone Cold doesn't catch wind of this! Time to get a good nights sleep…Oh nevermind, Bill comes crashing through, screaming and cussing at the wonderful time of 6:08 AM. "You better get your asses down there by that big oak tree!" Sir yes sir! Bill has them do a run. How long exactly? We don't know! I guess they'll just have to follow the flags until they find out. Stone Cold is seen watching and laughing on his golf cart as the race begins. He soon follows them, telling them to pick up the pace and stop the slacking. Luke is in the lead (of course!) and many are already starting to look tired. Eric just straight up stopped caring and started walking instead of running. Am I the only one that thinks there's something wrong with this guys legs? Luke gets to the finish first, with a time of 19:06. Ryan arrives next, followed by Jeremiah and Andy. Meanwhile, Eric is still walking and even has the nerve to walk past Stone Cold. Surprisingly, Stone Cold didn't open up a can of verbal whoop ass on him. Rima is the next contestant to arrive while the others trickle in eventually. Eric is the last person to arrive, who is called out by Bill for walking. I knew he wouldn't get away with it!

No time for resting, because it's time to do our daily training! Trish, Bill, and Booker get there and the students start to do their warm-up exercises. Stone Cold gets in the ring, starts to run the ropes, does a couple back bumps, and gets up to talk to the students about technique and making sure you, as well as your opponent, are safe. Reversals, holds, and takedowns are what the students are working on with each other. Trish is on the outside of the ring working with Michelle and Christina. Michelle is flustered and Trish asks what's going on with her. Michelle blows it off and says she's just "blanking", but you can tell she's also upset about something. When Luke gives her a suplex, she lands incorrectly and Trish checks to see if she's alright. Michelle insists that she's fine but Trish sees that there's more going on with her. Trish takes her aside and asks her about her confidence level going into this to which Michelle admits that she's kind of out of it today. Mickael also didn't perform the move to Bill's satisfaction. This week's guest arrives just in time for today's training! IT'S THE BIG SHOOOOOOW! Big Show is quickly attracted to Eric once he sees his size and frame. Show pulls him aside to give him advice about him being out of shape as they have similar body types. Meanwhile, back in the ring, Stone Cold wants to go one on one with Luke. After the bout between the two, Bill calls them to the ring and Big Show wishes them farewell. Later that evening, Michelle calls her husband and gets teary eyed as she speaks to him. He tells her that their daughter misses her and wants her to come back home. Michelle proceeds to tell viewers that she would do anything to be able to be home with her daughter. Foreshadowing? I think so!

The next day at practice, Michelle is still visibly upset and Rima consoles her about it. Stone Cold makes her entrance and asks everyone how they're feeling. Michelle steps up and says she has something to say. She tells him she misses her daughter and would rather be with her than have a WWE contract. She takes out her WWE Championship belt and sets it on the ring. Stone Cold, looking somewhat stunned, tells the other students to head outside for their life lesson and Michelle to stay behind. Stone Cold tells her about his own personal experience of not being able to be around his daughters due to his hectic WWE schedule. He grants Michelle her wish, telling her he respects her decision and gives her a hug on her way out. Outside on the field, Trish awaits the students. She tells them if they don't have the technique, their performance will fall apart. She brings some of her friends to help with the life lesson… Holy hell!? Cheerleaders?! She tells them they will be the trainers for the day, and explains how WWE Superstars and cheerleaders are similar. Mickael's head falls in shame. Be a man and suck it up, Mike! The cheerleaders begin working with the students, which is a very entertaining visual. "If I'mma be a cheerleader, I'mma be the best damn good cheerleader you ever seen in your life!" That's the spirit, Jeremiah! You put it so nicely too! Meanwhile, Mickael's worried about what his Jersey posse back home has to say about this. Wait?! Another guest this week?! It's former WWE Diva Stacy Keibler, walking with Trish! Two of the "Golden Era" Divas reunite! Excuse me while I take a stroll down memory lane….Ok, not right now! I definitely will when I'm done writing this though! Jeremiah is in awe of this Sports Illustrated-esque blonde as she is walking across the field. She might go for ya if you leave your teeth out, Jeremiah! Trish introduces her to the students and Stacy talks about her cheerleading background and how it crossed over to her wrestling career. Practice between the students begins for their routine. Diva hopefuls are flying everywhere! Thankfully for her squad, Rima didn't fly head first into the ground when she lost balance. Stacy pointed out that her problem was not standing up and she looked scared. After taking Stacy's advice, Rima successfully performed her part correctly. Time to perform for the crowd! The students change into their cheerleading uniforms and head to Universal Studios for their performance. The crew performed good for the crowd…Until Rima fell. Hey, they're not professionals, so I was impressed with what they did and so were the trainers.

We go to the next day at practice, where Mickael apologizes to Bill for having to see him in the cheerleading uniform. "I didn't even know you were there Mickael!" Oooh, burn! On the other hand, Rima asks Bill is she can get some more one-on-one practice with the trainers. Stone Cold walks in and it's Skills Challenge time! Booker and Bill demonstrate what they need to do for the challenge. Luke and Mickael start it out, with the trainers telling the students when to get out of the ring due to their lack of technique. Booker points out that Mickael didn't seem to care and just wanted to get it done. He also says Luke failed to step up miserably. Hmmm shades of Matt from last week? And finally, the "perfect streak" for Luke has been broken! Ryan is so "hokey" according to Trish. What are you talk-….Nevermind Trish. Seconds later, I saw exactly what you meant. And I faceplamed with you in unison as well. Eric and Martin are the two final people in the challenge, which is ultimately won by Martin. It's time for the judges to deliberate who is going to be eliminated! Trish points out how Martin has stepped up his game and is confident in his skills while she says Rima failed to produce in the technique challenge. Stone Cold wants to talk about Mickael. "Who?" says Trish. Damn, burned twice within 10 minutes! She is waiting for him to show what he can do. More shades of Matt's elimination from last week? Ryan's "over the top" ways in the ring are questioned as well as Eric's technique. The final three up for elimination are Mickael, Ryan, and Rima. As they pack up their belongings, Mickael takes it upon himself to get rid of Ryan's bed because he feels that Ryan won't be back tonight. Are you sure about that one Mike? Meanwhile, Luke tells Ryan that he needs to stop being so nice and be "mean" (substituting this word for an expletive) sometimes.

The elimination ceremony begins and Stone Cold makes note of the new "family member" in their "family reunion", pointing out that Rima & Ryan were up for elimination last week as well. He asks Mickael why he's in the contest. He tells Stone Cold he has no job and that his wife is supporting him right now, which is why he needs to win. Stone Cold says that he hasn't "wow'd" any of the judges. Attention is turned to Ryan, who says he is a "pissed off person". No, don't start shaking Stone Cold - wait to see what he has to say first before you get scared! He says he's pissed off because everyone thinks he's a joke and they can walk all over him, which Mickael agrees with. Stone Cold asks Rima why she's here again and she said she wants to ask him the same question. He told her that her technique was nonexistent and that's why she's here. She told Stone Cold she was aware which is why she asked Bill and Booker for one-on-one time. Stone Cold likes this, and she even points out she kicked Mickael's ass on the run. "I kicked all their asses" says Ryan. Touche Ryan! Mickael can't take losing to Ryan and Ryan is a "wiener". Ryan calls Mickael a "smokey link". What the hell? Are we in the meat department of the grocery store? After establishing the fact that Ryan and Mickael just can't be friends, Stone Cold tells Rima to go home because the dueling enemies are going to talk it out in a good old fashioned promo battle. Whoever cuts the better promo, stays in the house! Mickael starts and says he sees his name in lights and refuses to lose because he has seen what happens when people let opportunities pass them by. Ryan follows up and says that sorry he hasn't made an impression on the judges, but he has and even if it may be a bad one, he's made one nonetheless. He continues on and says that Mickael's here because he has nothing to go home to so what's his ulterior motive? To have his name in the lights? He says he's here because he wants to be a WWE Superstar and he's not doing it because he wants to see his name in lights. Stone Cold stops and tells Mickael his best wasn't good enough. He takes his WWE Championship belt and Mickael is eliminated. Damn Mickael, it must suck to lose to someone you hate so much! Also, hopefully you have the courtesy to put Ryan's mattress back on his bed! Oh yeah and Ryan, give Luke a big kiss and a hug when you get home, because I feel like his advice definitely lit a fire under your ass!

Well, that about does it for this week folks! Hope you enjoyed reading and again, all feedback is welcome! See you all next week!

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