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By Emily Castle     September 12, 2010    

When we see the stars on the red carpet, they always look flawless and gorgeous. But, what did it take to get there? Last night’s Hello Canada: Hollywood Private Faces and Private Lives event showed a series of iconic film stills and intimate candid portraits of the goddess’ of the silver screen. The portraits give a glimpse of the real women behind the Hollywood superstars.

And while Hollywood’s most legendary leading ladies rose to fame by portraying unforgettable women – from regal rulers to bright young things to determined moms – it’stheir real-life triumphs and struggles that make our connection to these mothers, daughters and wives even stronger.

These women are all endlessly alluring icons of feminine strength and beauty and so it only seems fitting that we look to our very own goddess who arrived on the red carpet looking both flawless and gorgeous. This is a candid look at the real woman behind the superstar that is Trish Stratus as she hit the red carpet during TIFF 2010.

The red carpet readying begins long before the day of the event. What the celebrity does on a daily basis before they step in front of the camera is just exactly what gives them that ‘celebrity glow’. Trish starts her red carpet day with a yoga practice.

The right dress is key to getting the red carpet look down. After a few outfit try-ons, these dresses ended up being a source of inspiration and the ever creative Trish went on to create her own.

With an old Hollywood feel, media and onlookers were wowed by this backless number. When ET Canada asked who she was wearing, Trish chuckled “me”. She told Etalk cameras how she “recycled and reused”, as she took a dress from her closet and reshaped it with a broach and some tape. Will Trish be adding clothing designer to her ever-growing Stratusphere brand next?

Does interview about her favorite beauty product secrets, she talks about using products in their unprocessed, natural states when it comes to both food and beauty products.

Notable TV follows up on their chat from IT Lounge.

Public Faces and Private Lives – viewing a series of iconic film stills and intimate candid portraits.

Elizabeth Taylor

Jane Fonda

Julia Roberts

Audrey Hepburn

Trish Stratus

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