Melina wants another shot at creating 'magic' with Trish

By Brian Lusczki     May 19, 2010    

WWE Raw Diva Melina is praying she can wrestle Trish Stratus one more time. Here's what the A-lister had to say during a live chat on WWE's website in response to a fan question asking about her past matches with Trish.

"I was so happy and after matches hard on myself because I wanted to be that much better for her. I pray I can get another shot to create magic with her... If not, it was certainly fun and an honor."

Melina also spoke of their Survivor Series match in Detroit [seen in left photo].

"I loved that match so much. And we had time too. Them were the days!"

So how many of you would like to see one more match between the two? Let us know by tweeting your answers to @trishstratuscom.

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