Stratuspherian Q&A w/ Lorry Accardi

By     May 9, 2019    

We know it's our Stratuspherians that are the foundation of Here we give some of Trish's biggest supporters the spotlight, as we ask them a few questions about the Queen of the Stratusphere.

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Meet: Lorry Accardi (@Divacanrana)

1. When did you become a fan of Trish?

I became a fan of Trish’s when I was 11 years old, so 19 years ago! We all remember the cowboy hat and zebra jacket, right?

2. What is your favorite match or moment?

My favorite match of Trish's would have to be her Raw main event match against Amy Dumas in 2004. I mean, what a way to say "Look what *ELSE* I bring to the table!" It was amazing and #HeelTrish was the best! If I had to choose a favorite moment, I would pick slapping Chris Jericho's face off at Wrestlemania 20. Ouch.

3. Have you met Trish? If so, describe your experience.

I've met Trish on two separate occasions. The first time was in 2010 in Waterford, Connecticut. I cried the first time as I couldn’t believe how she offered to be apart of my very first wrestling match by letting her know when it took place so she could watch it. It was a, "is this real life" moment for sure. The second time after a 8 year gap was last year at the Monster Mania con in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. We reunited! I saw her twice that weekend on both Saturday and Sunday and it was awesome talking to her like we were old friends. Pun intended. To be fair though, Trish and I have been Twitter buds for a long, long, longggg time. Just ask her. Wink Each experience made me appreciate her that much more. She is one of the BEST humans to grace our earth for sure. One of these days (next reunion?) we really should get a bite to eat together. Table for three ep maybe? Let’s get Amy in on it...

4. Do you have a most prized Trish possession?

My most prized Trish possession is a Team Bestie 8x10 that Trish and Amy both signed collectively. It's signed, "We can’t wait to face you in WWE!" Surreal. I have another as well. It’s a t-shirt of Trish's silhouette that reads, "To Lorry, another future Diva Hall of Famer!"

5. What is your favorite news story on

My favorite story published on would most definitely have to be the news on becoming a mother. That was such an amazing time for Trish and her family and the fact she shared it as openly as she did was equally as amazing. She's an awesome mom to Max and Madi – no match, no promo, no interview, no title reign could EVER compare to the day Trish brought life into the world. Um, hello! Super Mom.

I'd also like to share that many moons ago when Trish started a Twitter Poll asking fans what we would be called as her fans, I was the one who came up with "Stratuspherian" – I just wish I still had the screenshot to prove it! Another cool moment.

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