Backlash Results

By Brian Lusczki     May 1, 2005    

Much like 5 years ago at Backlash, Trish had to be attended to by EMT's and stretched out after being on the receiving end of a helpless attack.

Trish reminded Viscera if he didn't take care of business tonight, there wouldn't be any business later.

During the match, Trish attempted to take out Kane herself with a steelchair but to her surprise, Lita out of nowhere wacked her with her crutch. While Trish was down and out, her business partner lost the match after taking a chokeslam.

Once Trish realized this, she grabbed the mic and told Visera how pathetic he was and that if he even won, she wouldn't of slept with a loser. This of course didn't sit well with the near 500 pounder as he grabbed onto to her and begin shaking her like a rag doll. While Trish laid helpless in the ring, Visera inflicted more damage (with the help of the crowd) by squashing her little body to his delight.

Stills from show ยป

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