Photo: Low Poly portrait of Trish Stratus

By     June 1, 2018    

Your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you; this portrait is actually created using only triangles. The style, referred to as Low Poly, was originally used in video game creation because it would allow creators to mask scenes and characters without having an extremely long render time. Obviously, videos games have come a long way and this technique isn’t used as frequently anymore, but the geometric style has remained.

Evolution of Trish Stratus in WWE games »

This particular portrait consists of 5313 triangles, with each one was created individually (rather than using an app to create a similar effect). In total, the portrait took about 10 hours to complete.

This portrait was created by Amanda Clarke from Toronto. Amanda has a background in advertising and has worked on national campaigns for companies such as Ford, Honda and Pizza Hut. Recently, Amanda made the switch from corporate advertising to working at OTC Toronto with owners Dave and Nichelle Laus. She handles advertising and design for OTC Toronto, design for studiotwo22 (Dave's photography studio), and design for Team Laus (Nichelle’s personal training company).

If you are interested in having your own portrait or other design pieces created, please visit or find Amanda on Instagram @amanda__lifts.

Trish's iconic ring attire reimagined in 8-bit

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