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10/16/2017, 04:05 PM

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How to plan a perfect themed party: Max's 3rd birthday bash

By Trish Stratus / @trishstratuscom
My team here at knows all too well how I get party fever when there is a celebration upon me. In fact, there's no way for them to avoid catching the fever with me sharing my ideas, sourcing stuff with me, diagrams of the desert table – yes, diagrams!

When the web team asked me to share my tips on how to throw the perfect themed party – I was more than happy to oblige!

When I throw a party, I like to first pick a theme. For Max's third birthday we went with an ice cream theme party. Next, choose a colour scheme. I went with blue and white with a rustic feel. I usually put a palette together with some of the decor looks and the food ideas to help guide me. Then you get to work sourcing out the things on the palette.

For the goodies, I started with the cake. It's a good idea to start here as you will need to account for some time to get it ordered. I had something in mind and I worked with cake artist @artsybaker. We actually connected on Instagram where I had shared my palette and she created an awesome cake for Max! How great is this??

I like to set up a dessert table so it can be my focal point. I start with the cake then build around it with the treats! I usually carry the theme into one other treat for the table. Check out these ice cream shaped cookies I worked with @bakedwithjoy to create.

I usually set up my table a couple of days before so I can 'build' my dessert table and find a place for all the other elements. So, start with:
  • cake
  • themed treat
  • plates, napkins, utensils in colour scheme

Once you have those in place you can see what other goodies you can throw in there to fill the space and make your table look delicious!

I sprinkled in some blue and white macaroons and two of my favourite go to items that are great 'fillers' (as in full up the table and your guests 😉) are white chocolate covered pretzels and white powdered mini donuts. Arrange them in a large glass vase and it looks great. Plus, they are so inexpensive, you don't care if anyone actually eats them, I use them purely for the aesthetics.

Now that you got all your goodies, it's time to 'build' your dessert table. I have this great beverage dispenser that I filled with blue Hawaiian Punch to go with the blue and white theme – how perfect is that? It also adds height to my tablescape. Because I did that I wanted to add height on the other side - tables look best with some symmetry. Here's where you can get creative. Find some items that go with your theme, sometimes just scouting around your house – you'd be surprised with what you can find to play with. Max's room has a rustic feel to it, so I stacked a couple of rustic crates that we keep Max's books in and  put the cake on it. I also snagged a cute wooden wagon from Max's room that I used to hold the party favors. Thought it was a nice touch to put it in the center since is said his name. That's another thing to get creative with – finding a way to integrate the person of honor's name.

I did up these cotton candy cones for the party favors – both cheap and easy to do!

You will need:
  • cotton candy (most come pink/blue – so I was forced to eat all the pink cotton candy 😜)
  • sugar cones
  • triangle plastic bags + ties

Gently roll cotton candy into balls and push into a cone, drop it in the bag and voila! Party favors!

For your backdrop, it depends where you set up your table. Some people jazz up a wall and use balloons, banners, etc. I set this up in the middle of my kitchen in front of the window so I hung some ice cream cones to spice it up and a 'Maximus' banner I had made for Max's baby shower. And there you have it – an ice cream themed dessert table!

If you're a nerd like me you will have a desire to carry the theme throughout the house...

And, if you happen to have an awesome friend from high school who has an ice cream truck, well, by all means, have him drive by after food to surprise your guest of honor 😉


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