How Trish kicked labor's ass

By     June 5, 2017    

With a natural 13 minute delivery, the question any expecting mother would like to know is how?

Below are the poses Trish used to create her prenatal yoga routine that helped prepare her body for the big day and contributed to her having a symptom-free pregnancy. Trish specifically chose these poses to alleviate some of the physical challenges associated with pregnancy, such as lower back pain and any postural strains your growing belly may cause. Along with being both energy boosting and calming, this prenatal routine will not only helps physically, but was designed to also enhance your mental and spiritual well-being.

"Creating a mindful connection to the breath and cultivating a calm presence of mind, body and soul is something that you can take with you into your birthing experience," says Trish.

In addition to the routine, Trish integrated squats to help get her body ready for labor and delivery. She incorporated them into her daily routine, eventually working up to doing 100 squats/day. At the end of the 40 weeks, Trish was ready to tackle her birth day, and postnatally, had a kick butt booty!

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