Trish's top 10 most intense battles

By     July 19, 2015    

As WWE heads into its Battleground PPV, we thought we would take a look back at the most intense matches in Trish's career.

10. Raw: Trish wins the Hardcore Championship

After a match with Jazz, Trish snagged the pin onto a fallen Crash Holly to become Hardcore Champion briefly before losing it to Steven Richards.

9. Raw: Paddle on a Pole match vs. Torrie Wilson

This one got heated quickly before the bell.

8. Raw: Bra & panties mud match vs. Stacy Keibler

Who knew a bra & panties match could turn dangerous. Not only was Trish thrown off the stage, she along with referee Charles Robinson had to take a trip to the hospital afterwards.

7. Raw: Strap match vs. Stephanie McMahon

Trish attempted to seek revenge on the McMahons on Raw after turning on Vince the night before at WrestleMania.

6. Raw: Trish & Lita main event

The rivalry going into this made the action all the more intense.

5. Raw: Chicago Street Fight vs. Victoria

After a hardcore battle complete with a plethora of foreign objects against Victoria, Trish was attacked by Jazz afterwards!

4. Survivor Series 2004: vs. Lita

Lita didn't care about the title on this night instead she left Trish mangled, bloody with a broken nose.

3. Raw: Trish, John Cena & Carlito vs. Lita, Edge & Randy Orton

The face crushing RKO from Randy Orton was just one moment that was filled with intensity during this match that came at the peek of Trish and Lita's last feud.

2. No Way Out 2001: vs. Stephanie McMahon

The action in this match was fueled by two passionate women fighting for the title as most dominant female in the WWE.

1. Survivor Series 2002: Hardcore match vs. Victoria

Everything but the kitchen sink was used in this match.

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