Trish makes debut performance in the National Ballet of Canada's 'The Nutcracker'

By     December 29, 2014    

The holidays for Trish Stratus this year were extra special, as she made her debut theatrical performance in the National Ballet of Canada's 'The Nutcracker'. Joined onstage with her sister, Trish performed as one of the Cannon Dolls last week at the Four Seasons Centre for the Performing Arts in Toronto.

The Cannon Dolls roles have traditionally been filled by two celebrities each night since the company launched the James Kudelka-choreographed version of 'The Nutcracker' in 1995. The Dolls are brought out with the famed cannon that shoots confetti at the audience at the beginning of the battle scene. To date, the cannon has appeared over 450 times!

Trish and her sister Melissa brought a little sisterly Stratusfaction to the role.

"It was so much fun!" Trish said following the performance. "To be honest, it was a bit nostalgic being a part of the backstage buzz with the other performers. People were warming up and getting touch ups at make-up – it brought me back to that WWE pre-show feeling!"

One of the Canon Dolls is timid and passive and the other one is brave and aggressive. The two dolls follow the cannon which is rolled into the middle of the stage where the cannon shooter then asks each of the dolls if they are ready. The dolls each react and then the cannon is shot and a blast of confetti goes into the audience. The dolls then move to the side but remain onstage where the personalities add their own flavor to the part.

Trish took on the role of the brave doll who excitedly cheered on the cannon shooter, whereas the doll played by Melissa nervously awaited the blast. Once the cannon was shot, the ladies went into a hilarious act which had Trish performing CPR to resuscitate Melissa who fainted after the cannon was shot off. After an unsuccessful attempt, Trish then looked to the audience and shrugged off the failed attempts and picked up the fallen doll and carried her on her shoulder to the side stage. The two continued to react to the battle scene which involved armed mice, cats and dogs, and then scurried off the stage to a huge audience applause to wrap up the scene.

"It was awesome to join Trish onstage!" Melissa said. "After seeing her perform for so many years, it was fun to be able to deliver Stratusfaction to an audience with her. We planned our little spot backstage and didn't tell anyone. Apparently, it was the first time a canon doll had been lifted up – the producers were quite impressed! And, I think the audience was as well!"

Due to union rules, no photos of the production were allowed, but check out these exclusive behind the scenes photos:

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