#tbtrish: Baby bump selfies

By     January 30, 2014

After seeing Trish's #tbt tweet photo today, we have to admit, we kind of miss the bump! So, we asked Trish to dig into her iPhone and send us her #pregoselfies.

It struck us that Trish isn't really much of a #selfie type, so we were pleasantly surprised to get back these super cute photos of the bump!

Trish even admitted that she in fact isn't much of a #selfie type.

"I'm actually not! But, I was in awe of this bump as it grew – it's ridiculous how many pics I took – I couldn't get enough of preserving the awesomeness of what was happening! For my (and Max's) records I took a pic of my bump once a week. I'm still in awe at what a woman's body goes through – so amazing!"

Enjoy the bump.

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