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11/11/2013, 07:29 PM

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Fan Forum Five: Bounty Hunters edition

By Jon Waldman / @jonwaldman

To celebrate Stratusphere Shop's release of Bounty Hunters on Blu-ray, we're excited to present to you, an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at Bounty Hunters with questions asked by you! We are happy now to provide you with the hot answers to your burning questions with this edition of Fan Forum Five dedicated specifically to Trish's debut movie! Enjoy!

Q: When You Had The Final Fight Scene Did You Think "Damn I Need My WWE Attire!" -Shax (@HardC_Country)
A: Totally! I was black and blue after shooting that scene. Good thing that was the last scene we shot before we wrapped the production! Actually, if you watch closely I am bruised for most of the film (check out my forearms) and that was due to the Krav Maga training I did prior to shooting. My WWE attire – yes, that would have helped, at least my knee pads and elbow pads, but more importantly the WWE ring would have been more forgiving then that cement floor! Not to mention, it was the beginning of the year – our coldest months in Canada and both Andrea (Ruby) and I were wearing flimsy costumes. I'll never forget how cold our bare legs got! In fact, if you watch the beginning of the scene you can see my breath – that's how cold it was!

Q: Does the Blue Ray come with any extras that the DVD didn't contain? BTW Bounty Hunters DVD rocks!!! -Joe (@FanOfLifeAndYou)
A: Thank you Joe – I think Bounty Hunters rocks too lol! Yes, the Blu-ray does come with some extras not found on the DVD – so I guess you can say the Blu-ray rocks even harder! Check out all the goodies:

  • Audio commentary: Actresses Trish Stratus & Andrew James Lui
    This was a blast to do!

  • Audio commentary: Director Patrick McBrearty & producer Chad Archibald
    These guys are really cool and it's cool to see how excited they are about working on this project.

  • Interview w/ Trish Stratus
    I did an interview especially for the Blu-ray. I think you'll enjoy the extra tid-bits I throw at you!

  • Epic fight: Behind the scenes
    This is one of my favorite parts of the extras!

  • Trish Stratus on 'The Score'
    One-on-one with Arda Ocal – we talk about the movie and of course, some wrestling!

  • Trish at ActionFest 2011
    This is footage from the film festival premiere in North Carolina, which was supported by my pals Victoria and Edge!

  • Trailers

  • Easter eggs

Q: What made you decide to do this movie? What was it about this movie/script that you just had to be apart of it? -Lindsay (@linzee7)
A: The sarcastic, ass-kicking character of Jules Taylor! When I met with Patrick, the director/writer for the first time and he presented me with the script, he said I wrote the Jules Taylor role with you in mind. When I read it 'Trish Stratus' jumped off the page! And when I say that, I mean the dialogue sounded like me – she was feisty and sarcastic and most importantly, she was a strong female in male-dominated world who kicked ass! I was like, sign me up! So the character was fun to portray and the fact that I got to do my own fight scenes was what sold me on this movie.
Exclusive: Opening fight scene from Bounty Hunters »

Q: Hey Trish, did you do your own stunts? If you did, did you do all of them? -Shannon (@shannonmary11)
A: Of course I did all my own stunts! In fact, that's the only way I would have done this movie. When I read the script I got really excited about the possibility of crafting some amazing fight scenes. As I said above, it was one of the main reasons I accepted the role. I actually signed on as an Executive Producer to ensure the integrity of the fight scenes was maintained. I worked really closely with the fight coordinator (who was awesome – he worked on the film 300 – he really knew his stuff!) to choreograph our scenes using Jules' fight style (Krav Maga) and combining it with my wrestling abilities. I even got to work with my long time friend Rob “Fuego” Etcheverria from Squared Circle Training in Toronto on the opening scene.

Here's a story not too many people know – the scene at the beginning was added after the fact as we were looking for a juicy scene to open the film. We called Rob in to work on the scene with me. I remember the director kept asking how many days we would need to rehearse the scene and Rob and I just knew we could get together and put together this scene, after all, that's what we do as wrestlers! Sure enough, we got together the day of shooting (the director was kind of freaking out!) and we threw together that scene and shot it all in one day, almost in one take! The director was thrilled and I told him, that's what he gets when he hires a professional ass-kicker Wink

Q: What was the most challenging part of doing the movie ? And is it really hard to memorize so much dialogue ? Sorry for the double question. -Nicci (@stratuspherian7)
A: No worries on the double question – luckily I like to babble lol. Two things were challenging – the hours and the cold weather. For the whole shoot, we were on a reverse schedule. We would start in the evening, shoot all night and then go home in the morning. So, I was a total vampire for that whole shoot!

Here's how my schedule looked: I would do my yoga as soon as I got home to wind down and by that time people were getting up for work so I would check in with my businesses for a couple hours then sleep. When I got up I would workout, make my food then study my lines and then off to set I would go. It sounds crazy, but you get into a groove. Actually, it was harder getting out of the routine once we finished filming!

We shot this in the beginning of the year and in Canada – it is the coldest months of the year! Two scenes in particular were brutal to shoot due to the cold: the last fight scene, particularly because I'm in a schoolgirl uniform and it was SO cold in that abandoned warehouse. And, the other one was the scene with Boomer, Frank and I when we were in the field – it was so frigid and I'll never forget trying to do my lines as my face started freezing up! You know that feeling when your mouth gets so cold you can barely move your lips – that was us in that field! Trying to not look cold was the other challenge to that scene!

P.S. I love your twitter handle Wink

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