Fan Forum Five: August edition

By Jon Waldman     August 9, 2013    

As Stratuspherians bask in the summer glow, Trish and her crew assembled for another edition of Fan Forum Five.

This time around, we threw it wide open for any question you had about Trish and as always you came back with some amazing queries. Here's what you had to ask and what Trish had to say!

Q: Do you ever miss your blonde bombshell look or are you happier with your new slender brunette look? -Christina (@TheLovelyXtina )
A: I don't miss the blonde at all – I feel like that look suited me at the time but the brunette suits me now. Brunette is my natural color so it just feels right – even the first day my hairstylist changed the color, you would think I would be in shock, but right away i loved it. It was a total surprise by the way – I told my hairstylist to 'throw in some low lights in' and he made me brunette! And, by the way – since when do bombshells have to be blonde? I think brunette bombshell works too Wink
Watch Trish unveil her brunette look for the first time »

Q: What are your memories of being trained by Ron Hutchison? -Brian Westcott
A: That he let me be the tomboy I was and treated me like 'one of the boys'. He was straight up with me telling me not only how tough this business was and but how tough it would be in that ring. He made me want to prove to him that I wanted to be in this business and that I could handle myself in the ring. I worked my butt off to earn that respect not only from him but from the rest of the boys at Sully's Gym. I'll never forget how he constantly challenged me because he knew I was capable of bringing it and he was so proud once I got the chance to showcase that in the big leagues, that is, WWE.

On a side note, I was very lucky Ron partnered me with a training partner – the amazing Jason Sensation. We had great chemistry and he made the bumps and bruises that came with the training more bearable. Also, as I was winding down my time there (I think I had been signed by WWE and had started on the road), we welcomed another female to the Gym and I briefly got a chance to work with the very talented Traci Brooks! So, overall, I have some great memories of my training with Ron.

Q: What is your favorite T.V. show to watch whenever you are get some free time? -Jonathon De Santiago (@truewwefollower)
A: I don't watch TV mostly because I don't have much free time #workaholicproblems. But, what I like to do is have TV show marathons – I think that is my all-or-nothing personality! Right now, I'm loving:
  • Dexter

  • Breaking Bad

  • Walking Dead

  • Game of Thrones

Q: How do you feel about Total Divas? Would you have done it if offered when you were in the WWE? -Christal (@Lady_soulpunk)
A: Sure! And much like my timeline seems to think, I can't help think how awesome that show would have been! One thing though, since all us girls were pretty much bffs, our version may have been a little lacking in the drama/cattiness department (But we would have definitely made up for it in the kick ass department). Plus, how fun would it be catching the 'reality' behind our annual DIVAS shoots – those DIVAS DVDs that came out after our shoots were always entertaining!

Q: When you participated in the angle with Viscera at Backlash 2005, were you ever concerned that he could have really injured you if he did not land properly for the splash move? -Dean
A: That is a risk we take every time we step inside the ring and with every move we take and give. That is why when you work with someone a lot and you build a bond, with that comes an element of trust. Nelson aka Viscera was awesome to work with – he's a total gentleman and sweetheart! During our angle I had been diagnosed with the herniated disk, so he was super supportive knowing I was facing the possibility of surgery. He was also very cautious with everything we did knowing I was still working with the pain until we found a way to write me off TV so I could deal with my injury.

Now it's your turn. Ask Trish anything by submitting your question here.

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