Who should induct Trish Stratus into WWE's Hall of Fame?

By TrishStratus.com     March 18, 2013    

Who will induct Trish? The hot topic amongst the WWE Universe, TrishStratus.com takes a look a some of the possible candidates to induct our girl on April 6 in NYC.

Without a doubt, the most popular choice amongst fans. Fans know the long documented history, they've been called the "Rock and Stone Cold" of the women's division and are long time friends - this seems to be one of the obvious choices.

Stephanie McMahon
Trish has evolved into a successful business woman since leaving the ring and Stephanie, the daughter of Vince McMahon and a business woman herself, we think this would be a smart choice. Plus, who could forget the moments they brought us on TV. We'd love to see these two come together once again!

Fit Finlay
Picking Fit would certainly be a nice touch. Trish herself has credited Fit for helping with her improvement in the ring and the two of them were the so-called masterminds of women's wrestling greatest era.

Vince McMahon
The man responsible for bringing Stratusfaction to millions of homes across the world. Need we say more? McMahon inducted WWE's biggest Superstar [Stone Cold Steve Austin] so why not follow up with the WWE's greatest Diva!

This duo became the WWE's hottest couple and helped launch Trish's bad girl side into perhaps the greatest run of her career. We wouldn't mind seeing "Tristian" team up again for this special occasion.

Formerly known as Albert, Tensai returned to World Wrestling Entertainment in 2012. He played a big role in the beginning of Trish's career and they have since remained friends. T&A at the Hall of Fame? Yes please!

Lilian Garcia
One of Trish's closest friends for years in the WWE. Lilian and Trish were driving partners since the beginning – we wouldn't mind hearing a few of those road stories at the podium!

Huh? While this may sound crazy, Trish & Snooki became quite the media darlings when they teamed up for WrestleMania 27. This year's WrestleMania just happens to be the home of Jersey's Shore's own Snooki. So, it may not be such a crazy thing to see the "Brunette Mafia" make an appearance at MSG.

Now it's your turn! Tell us who should induct Trish!

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