1/17 RAW Results: Trish Chokeslammed to Hell

By Brian Lusczki     January 18, 2005    

The homecoming for the Maple Leaf Beauty was not a thrilling one to say the least. Trish came to the ring embraced by her hometown fans in delightment as she began ripping on the US and more so Lita.

One man, however, wouldn't stand to hear it any longer as Lita's husband, Kane made his presence felt. Trish attempted to exit though the crowd but was quickly tossed back into the ring. With nowhere to go, she starting pleading with Kane. He asked if she was scared and told her she should be. Second thoughts would seem to come to his mind as he let Trish go by the throat - suddenly a grin was seen on his face as he reached for Trish's throat again, chokeslamming her to hell.

Stills from show ยป

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