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11/23/2012, 06:03 PM

Trish named one of 'The 50 Most Beautiful People in Sports Entertainment History'

By Brian Lusczki
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Photo: Steve Apostle

What else can be said about Trish's beauty? If numbers are any indication, look no further than her nearly 100 magazine covers and the fact that she was voted 'Babe of the Year' 3 times by fans online. Released today, named 50 of the most beautiful people in sports entertainment history and Trish took the #3 spot, behind Randy Orton and the late Miss. Elizabeth.

Arguably the greatest WWE Diva to step inside the squared circle, former fitness model Trish Stratus was certainly one of the most gorgeous individuals in WWE history. With a smile that could melt hearts, Trish was named WWE Babe of the Year three consecutive times before being declared Diva of the Decade.

Although her good looks often hid her competitive nature and resiliency, the tenacious competitor was a seven-time WWE Women’s Champion and even held the Hardcore Title. Trish retired from active competition in 2006, but she keeps herself in fighting shape through her Stratusphere yoga program. Since then, men everywhere have been practicing their downward dog pose. has revealed their thoughts – now it's your turn to tell the WWE Universe who's #1 via their poll to name 'The Most Beautiful Superstar Ever'.

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