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Talkin' Tough Enough - Week 10

By Dan Calvarese     June 7, 2011

So long California, back to reality! Andy, back home in Florida, gets to have the unfamiliar job of being daddy! Don't worry, you'll be back to the style of a WWE Superstar really soon when you go to FCW! Andy's wife asks how he feels being in the finals with Luke, and Andy has the same sentiments as he did a last week at elimination. Pregnant women who are about to pop also serve as good personal trainers, as shown by Mrs. Leavine! Andy packs his bags and hits the road to Tampa. Lucky for him, he already lives in Tampa! Meanwhile, back in Maine, Luke shows he doesn't need Jeremiah to party; he's got about 10 people ready and willing to hang out with him on his boat for a day of fun in the sun! On a more serious note, Luke talks to his mother before heading out to Tampa, expressing his love and gratitude for her support during this time in his career. We cut to live RAW, where the winner will be announced.

Luke and Andy arrive to the FCW arena, meeting Bill and Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat. Ricky explains to them that FCW has produced such Superstars as Alberto Del Rio, Dolph Ziggler, and Sheamus. Bill reveals to the final two that they will be wrestling him in their FCW matches. Ricky takes them to the ring so he can see what both of them are made of, especially due to size difference. He seems impressed with Andy's big size and the great shape he's in, but still sees flaws between the two. Ricky points this out when Luke goes to clothesline Andy over the top rope and how it looked bad because of how big Andy is. Andy talks about how he thinks Luke is athletic but overall, he's just a "weasel" and he hopes to never see him again after the competition while Luke says that he thinks his cockiness will win over the trainers. Steamboat gives them final words of encouragement going into their match with Bill.

It's the big day! Time to perform for the live crowd! The final two get in their ring gear and continue to talk trash/hype themselves up in their confessionals. Booker T makes his way into the arena for commentary for the matches. FCW Diva Raquel Diaz a.k.a. "Excuse Me!!!!!" Jr. introduces Bill and both contestants, respectively. While we don't get to see the matches to their fullest extent, we are treated to a video montage (music video, if you will) with highlights from each match. Following the matches, Steamboat shows his love for both Andy and Luke. Bill and Booker meet them backstage to see how they felt they did with their performances. Andy feels good and Luke says he felt he could do better. They tell both of them they should pat themselves on the back and they've done a great job in their showings. They tell them they'll see them live on RAW to reveal the winner of the contest.

Live from Richmond, Virginia, Trish, Booker, and Bill are introduced to the crowd. Bill tells them that they're going to crown the winner in minutes, but first wants the eliminated contestants to come out. All the of them come out, minus Rima. Michael Cole tells viewers about how some of the contestants left the house whether it be no charisma, injury, or wanting to be with their child. Jerry "The King" Lawler says that the one who left the house to be with their child was Jennifer, but no such contestant existed. Maybe he should watch the show from the beginning? Anyways, the crowd showed love for some of the eliminated, but no love for others. Trish grabs the mic and calls out Andy and Luke. Booker brings out Stone Cold after the finalists get to the ring. Glass shatters and Stone Cold enters, surprisingly not sporting a black tee and jean shorts. Stone Cold puts over all of the contestants and thanks the trainers for their services. He follows up by asking each of them who they think should win. Trish and Bill both pick Andy as the winner, but Booker is indecisive on who he thinks will win. As if they haven't spoke of their disdain for one another enough, Stone Cold asks what they think of one another. Luke still thinks he can bring it more, Andy still thinks Luke has no business in the ring. We cut backstage to where we see a limo pulling up (and a WWE truck with Layla on it..Markout moment!) and Vince McMahon gets out. Stone Cold breaks all of the PG rules and starts to cuss Mr. McMahon out as we go to commercial break.

We're back and the ring only contains Stone Cold, Luke and Andy now. Mr. McMahon's music hits and he comes out, trying to hug Stone Cold. Obviously, Stone Cold denies him, but will welcome him with a Stunner. Mr. McMahon introduces himself and ask why they deserve to win the contract. Andy says "guaran-damn-tee" and Mr. McMahon cuts him off for apparent copyright infringement. Luke says that he is here to create moments for the fans. Giving Andy another chance, he says that he's the baddest person in this competition and that he knows he's already won the contract. Mr. McMahon says that he's going to choose the winner now instead of Stone Cold, but that doesn't go over too well with Stone Cold. He tells McMahon he's lost his damn mind and to hit the bricks because Stone Cold's choosing the winner! Mr. McMahon at least got to have his say in the drumroll clip! After a 10 minute staring competition with Andy and Luke, Stone Cold announces Andy as the winner of Tough Enough! Head fallen, Luke hands his belt to Stone Cold and exits the arena...See you in developmental in a month or so, Luke! McMahon welcomes Andy to WWE with a swift slap to the face, and Stone Cold welcomes him with a Stone Cold Stunner! Are you sure you want this contract, Andy? I don't work for bosses who kick my ass! As Andy walks to the back, Stone Cold and Vince cheers over a couple Keystone Lights! Welcome to WWE, Andy!

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