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Talkin' Tough Enough - Week 6

By Dan Calvarese     May 10, 2011

As Jeremiah pumps iron, Luke and Christina walk in the house. And Jeremiah is quickly embraced by Luke! I hope these two have already planned to move in together post-Tough Enough. Christina walks into the dining room and the Puerto Rican princess Ivelisse is pissed! "Now there's an empty room", says one of the men but according to Ive, no one can take it. Why that is, I don't know! Maybe no one wanted to share the same mattress that Ryan and Mickael shared...Separately of course! The cat claws come out when Christina tells her arch nemesis goodbye and that she can take that empty room! Ouch!

The sun rises and we're at training! Bill instructs Martin to start the contestants off with warm-up exercises. Squats, crunches, and... I don't even know what the next exercise would be called, but Eric didn't perform it to Bill or Booker's liking. "Let me hear you!", screams Trish repeatedly as Ive and Christina do their push-ups into a jump-up continuously. After a painful workout, Stone Cold shows up and emphasizes focusing on the crowd and entertaining them once you step out from behind the curtain. When asked, Christina assures Stone Cold that she is focused. Wake-up call from last week being in the bottom three? I think so! Luke is bodyslamming Jeremiah, to which Jeremiah ends up spitting out blood when he's done. Yuck, that wasn't a pretty visual! Once that's over, AJ is randomly bodyslamming the 70-pound bag from last week. Thanks editing team for that random and abrupt switch! The trainers are not impressed with AJ and think that at this point in the game, he's just kind of there but not standing out enough to be a WWE Superstar. Next, the students are told to jump from the middle rope and do an elbow drop on the 70-pound bag. "I'd rather go top rope", says Jeremiah. Someone's out to impress the trainers! It turns out Jeremiah bit off more than he could chew because he got too much air and didn't even hit the bag! Andy, Luke, and Martin hit it to perfection while Eric... Well, didn't. We're back to bodyslamming the bag and Ivelisse struggles with her injury, but ends up making the trainers happy. Christina steps into the ring next and essentially does everything to perfection. What a great training day! No one was cussed at or got their shirts half ripped off! Or at least I don't think so. At the end of training, Bill and Booker notice Ive wasn't there and they talk to her about her injury. She expresses that she's irritated that her injury is holding her down. She insists that she refuses to quit the contest.

The contestants meet Stone Cold in a field with some crazy looking obstacle course. Stone Cold is with WWE's resident spider monkey, John Morrison, who is this week's guest. The contestants start the obstacle course and Martin, AJ, and Jeremiah complete it, followed by odd screams and laughter as they zip-line back down to the ground. Ivelisse again struggles with this challenge due to her injury. John Morrison climbs up the obstacle course to give Ive some encouraging words, but she ends up letting go. Morrison helps her back up and she continues through the course. Luke and Andy get through the course easily, and than we're shown Mr. Slow Poke, also known as Eric. As he walks the rope course, he falls and gets tangled up on the ropes. How's he gonna get out of this one? Doesn't look like it's going to happen because homegirl Christina started after you and she just walked over and passed you in this course! As Christina finishes the course and zip-lines down to the ground with a loud "Eeeeee!", Eric somehow gets back up and excels further in the course before getting tangled up once again. After a long hour and a half of sitting tangled in the ropes like a bump on a log, Stone Cold made the call to send people up to get him out because he clearly couldn't finish the course.

Skills Challenge day is here! This week's challenge is called "Cop a Squat"... Hmmm sounds familiar to one using a restroom in a place that clearly isn't the restroom! The contestants are to stand on the top rope, do squats and then hold it until they are no longer able to do so. Andy, Martin, AJ, and Eric fail while Ive, Christina, Luke, and Jeremiah move onto the finals. Bill switches things up a bit and has Eric and Andy run the ropes as the final four stand in the corners in the squat position. Christina, Ive, and Luke fall within seconds of one another. Bill throws another curveball and tells them they need to slam the bag, run the ropes, drop an elbow, slam the bag again, and than drop an elbow from the top ropes. Under his breath, Bill says that Jeremiah is moving too slowly. As Luke performs, Trish says to Stone Cold that he looks hungry. Hmmm, I didn't know being hungry had a look of expression! In all seriousness though, Luke showed what he was made of and assured the trainers that he won't be back in the bottom three this week! And he did just that by outperforming the new Mr. Slow Poke, Jeremiah, and getting the trainers recognition. Good job stepping it up Luke! Now it's time to talk about these punks in the wrestling world's version of the oval office!

Stone Cold asks thoughts on Jeremiah and Booker talks about how he didn't step it up to win today's challenge, which is unlike Jeremiah to do so. The trainers thoughts on Luke echoed their reasoning for choosing him as the Skills Challenge winner. Andy is the next person they talk about and so far, all we've heard out of Trish in this trainer's meeting is a simple "yep!". Lock it up Booker and go to another SmackDown taping, we wanna hear Trish's input too! As these thoughts ran through my head, the editing team finally let her speak, when she said that she noticed a fire in Andy than she hasn't seen in recent weeks. Eric is brought up and they agree that he's not in the shape that he needs to be in and that he gets winded in about 5 seconds. Stone Cold talks about how Christina has stepped her game up since last week and that Ivelisse's injury seems legit. Trish says that if you show up to RAW injured, than you won't be performing. AJ is the last person talked about and Trish says he's not making an impression because she's not noticing him! Damn, first Mickael, now AJ?!? Hell hath no fury like Trish in trainer mode! It boils down to Ivelisse, Eric, and AJ being in the bottom three for elimination. Stone Cold sends them off to pack their belongings and AJ is happy that he's in the bottom three with someone who is injured and someone who sucks all around. Eric and AJ talk and Eric says he feels his improving. At the end of their conversation, they both feel that Ive is the one going home. Meanwhile, Ive lays in her bed crying as she feels she doesn't deserve to be in the bottom three. Her leg's probably hurting her too!

The wooden doors open and Stone Cold rolls up. As a standard question in elimination ceremonies, Stone Cold asks AJ why he's here. AJ says he's here to learn from the best but Stone Cold says he's too nice. He apparently wants AJ to be his neighbor too because he's that damn nice. He than asks AJ why would he want to shell out his money to see AJ perform. AJ claims he's going to inspire people in a way you can't describe. "That was some good bullsh*t!" says Stone Cold! Another standard phrase at elimination ceremonies! He asks AJ if that was the case than why hasn't he noticed him at all since he's been in the house. It's Eric's turn and he says that the workouts have been getting harder, which is why he's still getting out of breath so easily. Stone Cold makes a mental note to tell Trish, Booker, and Bill to take it easy on Eric, but Eric insists he doesn't want that. Eric says he's pushing himself to his limit but Stone Cold thinks he's full of sh*t. He turns to Ive, who says her pain in her leg is an eight, on a scale from one to ten. Stone Cold says that she wouldn't be in the bottom three if it wasn't for her leg, but he has to do what he has to do. Ive begins to tear up and says she understands as she hands Stone Cold her belt. A sigh of relief for Eric and AJ! Wait, what?! "Tonight I'm not taking one belt...I'm taking two." Uh oh! Stone Cold asks AJ if he's ever mown a lawn before. Ok, this confirms that he wants AJ to be his neighbor...Or landscaper. Stone Cold tells AJ that he reminds him of slowly growing grass, and that's a boring thing to stare at. Eric says he doesn't wanna go home, but Stone Cold doesn't care cause he's taking his belt! Eric gives up his belt and Stone Cold tells AJ to get it together because he's got a second chance. Both of the eliminated contestants express a drive to continue on with their wrestling careers and make it to the WWE one day.

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