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10/08/2017, 01:50 PM

Trish reacts to Natalya breaking her PPV record

By / @trishstratuscom
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Photo: WWE

Natalya will own a new record tonight in Detroit.

She is set to surpass Trish for most PPV appearances by a female when she defends the SmackDown Women’s Championship against Charlotte Flair at Hell in a Cell.

“It’s a huge honor because Trish Stratus is somebody that I absolutely idolize and look up to. She’s a huge reason why I’m here today,” Natalya told

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“I actually wasn’t aware of it until somebody brought it up. Somebody brought it to my attention and I said, “Wow, that’s crazy.” I wasn’t even keeping track of it. And then I was told I was going to break it. It really reminds me of all the incredible opportunities I’ve gotten in WWE and especially being featured on pay-per-view, which is awesome.”

According to the article, Natalya hasn't had words with Trish about it yet – so we shared the Queen of Harts' comments and this is what the Queen of Stratusfaction had to say:

"I'm not surprised, Nattie is hands down the hardest working WWE Superstar male or female! In the ring she is as solid as it gets, as a performer she always delivers, and she is a excellent representative of not only the company but of women in wrestling. She truly exemplifies what you can accomplish through hard work and what can happen when you follow your passion. And it is for all of those reasons and more that I have always said following my retirement, that I wish I had worked with Nattie."


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