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08/07/2017, 08:00 PM

Team Bestie coming to Rhode Island this fall

By / @trishstratuscom
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Rhode Island – get ready! Team Bestie is heading your way this November!

Trish Stratus & Amy Dumas will be appearing at the Rhode Island Comic Con, can exclusively reveal.

"This will be the first time leaving my kiddies overnight since having the new babe!," says new mom of 6-month-old Madison. "When Amy proposed we hit Rhode Island Con, I thought it would be a great way to see our Extreme Stratuspherians, and hang with my bestie!"

Both ladies teased a possible return of the Team Bestie Tour during a recent exchange on Twitter. But for now, this looks to be a special appearance for the duo.

"As of now this is just a one-off," Trish said. "But who knows what 2018 will bring. I've been closely watching the poll results on!"

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The appearance was put together by Prime Time Appearances, a booking agency that specializes in talent appearance representation.

"We are truly privileged and excited to be working with two of the all-time greats," says Gilbert Boyas, co-owner of Prime Time Appearances. "We have been contacted by numerous promoters and event show runners in regards to bringing the Team Bestie Tour to their town. For now, Trish Stratus and Lita will be making this one special appearance at the Rhode Island Comic Con. We are very excited for the people of Providence and the surrounding area."

Appearance schedule

Saturday November 11
Time TBA - Trish Stratus Photo Op
Time TBA - Amy Dumas Photo Op
Time TBA - Team Bestie Photo Op

Sunday November 12
Time TBA - Trish Stratus Photo Op
Time TBA - Amy Dumas Photo Op
Time TBA - Team Bestie Photo Op

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