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CBC.ca: Wrestling superstar Trish Stratus talks about infertility struggles

By Press     May 11, 2017

After reaching icon status in the professional wrestling world, Trish Stratus retreated from the celebrity circuit in pursuit of motherhood.

She and her partner had their first son Max in 2013 and they planned to have a second child. Eventually, though, Stratus found herself wrestling with her own body as she struggled with infertility.

In January, Stratus finally gave birth to her daughter Madison. She attributes the pregnancy to years of dedication and talking to people about every possible option.

She urges every couple struggling to get pregnant to constantly talk to other people. Stratus discussed her journey with CBC this week.

What was the difference between the two pregnancies?

"I guess the main difference was how we conceived, or how long it took to conceive. My first time around with Max ... we had some hiccups along the way, but we conceived naturally and it didn't take us too long.

My first born was born in 2013 and we always wanted to have two children, so — if you do the math — it took us a while. The infertility kind of crept up on us and we didn't really realize it was a problem until we weren't getting pregnant. So, we got help.

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