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Phoenix rises to the WWE Hall of Fame

By Jon Waldman     February 28, 2017

One of the most dominant women in WWE history got the call Monday as Beth Phoenix was named to the 2017 Class of the WWE Hall of Fame.

Beth was a three-time WWE Women's Champion, one-time Divas Champion and Diva of the Year in 2008 in her incredible WWE career.

"I'm so excited to see Beth joining us in the WWE Hall of Fame," longtime admirer Trish Stratus said. "Beth embodied a fierceness in the ring unlike any other woman and was undeniably one of the best of her generation of female competitors."

Beth came to WWE after being a successful amateur and independent wrestler, competing first in OVW before debuting as a protege of Trish. An early injury, however, put her career on hold but allowed her to return with incredible intensity, capturing her first Women's Championship mere months after she re-emerged on the roster. The "Glamazon" later paired up with Santino Marella and even faced off against her former mentor, Trish, in a memorable match on Raw that also featured John Cena as Trish's partner.

The two ladies also faced off another time when Trish hosted Raw.

"I feel blessed that I had the chance to work with Beth and experience just how good she was," Trish said. "She has such a presence in the ring and what a strong, bold character she was! It was a true honor to face her."

Beth's career closed in 2012. Today, she devotes her time to raising her two daughters with her husband, Adam "Edge" Copeland.

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