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02/10/2017, 04:49 PM

10 Superstars you forgot teamed with Trish

By / @trishstratuscom
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Trish has competed in her fair share of tag matches. She has teamed with the likes of The Rock, Kurt Angle, Triple H and Lita. However, there are some names that you probably forgot about... or didn't know about!

1. D'Lo Brown (Raw - Jun 17, 2002 vs. Crash & Molly Holly)

If you forgot this team up or didn't know... you better recognize!

2. Spike Dudley (Raw - Aug 12, 2002 vs. Christopher Nowinski & Molly Holly)

Trish tagged with this member of Team 3D. Of note, no tables were used.

3. Maven (Raw - Oct 6, 2003 vs. Steven Richards & Victoria)

Arguably the most known winner from Tough Enough. Both were winners on this night.

4. Linda Miles (SmackDown! - Jun 13, 2002 vs. Ivory & Jackie Gayda)

Trish teamed with this Tough Enough winner multiple times who would later became known as Shaniqua.

5. Big Show (Raw - Jul 2, 2001 vs. Jeff Hardy & Lita)

Trish & Big Show joined forces. And the size difference was quite the sight!

6. John Heidenreich (Raw - Nov 3, 2003 vs. Steven Richards & Victoria)

Heidenreich, the man who spoke highly of "Little Johnny" was best known for his alignment with Paul Heyman.

7. Matt Hardy (Live Event - Jul 13, 2002 vs. Raven & Molly Holly)

Trish & Matt Hardy teamed up at a live event in Daytona Beach, FL.

8. Hurricane Helms (Raw - Jan 20, 2003 vs. Steven Richards & Victoria)

Stand back! There's a hurricane coming through... with a chance of Stratusfaction!

9. Rey Mysterio (VGAs - Dec 2003 vs. Chris Jericho & Victoria)

Trish & Mysterio took on Victoria & Chris Jericho during SpikeTV's Video Game Awards.

10. Ric Flair (Live Event - Apr 26, 2006 vs. Edge & Lita)

The six-time champion teamed with the sixteen-time champion, "the Nature Boy" during a stop in BrĂ¼ssel, Belgien for WrestleMania's Revenge Tour. Wooooooo!


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