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11/21/2016, 03:11 PM

Topps Divas Revolution reveal - Part 1

By Jon Waldman / @jonwaldman
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Topps and WWE have teamed up once again for another fantastic trading card set. This time, the two have produced a women-focused product that heavily features Trish Stratus.

Divas Revolution is a boxed set that releases in just a couple weeks exclusively at Walmart locations. It marks several firsts for Topps, including being the first complete boxed set since the company re-acquired the WWE product line in 2005 and is also its first to focus solely on the women of WWE's past, present and future.

Trish makes several appearances in the set, including three cards we are previewing today:

1. Base card – This card will be included in all boxes of Divas revolution and features Trish in the ring from her early days in WWE.

2. Historic Women's Champions – Trish is featured as part of a 10-card tribute to some of WWE's most important Women's, Divas and NXT Women's Champions. Others included in the set are Bayley and Alundra Blayze.

3. The Best Matches – This set features 10 of the top women's matches in WWE history and commemorates Trish's victory over Lita at Unforgiven 2006 that gave her the seventh Women's Championship of her storied career.

Next week we will preview Trish's other three cards in Topps Divas Revolution.


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