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TrishStratus.com remembers Chyna

By Jon Waldman     April 21, 2016

The wrestling world received shocking news late Wednesday as reports surfaced that Chyna, aka Joanie Laurer, had passed away.

After learning the news, Trish took to Twitter to pay tribute:

Chyna burst onto the scene in WWE as the bodyguard for Triple H in the months before the creation of D-Generation X. Once the super faction was created, the "Ninth Wonder of the World", as she came to be known, morphed from bodyguard into an integral part of the group and a breakout star of her own in the Attitude Era, headlining shows and growing a large fanbase of both men and women.

Chyna competed against both genders, winning the WWE Women's Championship and Intercontinental Championship. She is one of only three women to compete in the Royal Rumble.

Chyna was 45 when she passed away.

To close, we take a look back at the times both Trish & Chyna shared moments together – in and out of the ring.

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