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01/11/2016, 09:20 AM

Journey of a Frontman: Sit down series: Trish Stratus

By Press
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Courtesy Journey of a Frontman / By Alex Obert

I sat down with Trish to get caught up on all the recent happenings, and of course reflect on some of her best memories in the WWE. She’s also been keeping an eye on the women who have made a huge impact on NXT and has a lot to say about them. (And the vision that Triple H has for the future as well!)

Alex Obert: So you’ve been making appearances with Lita as of late at various events. But going way back, what was your first impression of her when you two met?

Trish Stratus: We were both brand new to the WWE. We knew we were coming into this crazy world together and we were both nervous. We met each other over the phone actually as I was waiting for my Visa to be processed before I could enter the US for work. We came into WWE at the same time knowing there was not really a place for women in the current landscape as far as wrestling went. We were in a unique spot where we were there for the beginning of it all. Though we were nervous to be in this world, we luckily connected and had one another to support each other because we realized that this was a great opportunity we were being given. We hit it off right away. They saw the chemistry between us and thought that would translate really well in ring. And it did. The fans got really into it. There was a rivalry from the beginning. Once Lita and Trish were in the ring, it was on.

Alex Obert: How did you feel about her unique look?

Trish Stratus: I always thought she had a great look – her ‘character’ so to speak, had a great look. And when I say ‘character’, I mean her whole package – from her outfits to her moveset and her matching attitude – it was all great. And the fans loved it too. I’ve always felt that it was our responsibility of the Superstars to present a package to help define the identity of our character. She nailed that right from the beginning.

Alex Obert: Throughout the last few years, you were both involved with Tough Enough on separate seasons. Have you two gotten a chance to reflect on your Tough Enough experiences? What did you both agree you took out of it?

Trish Stratus: We did exchange some thoughts. We both were feeling like that came at a good time for us, we were excited about the idea of passing on some of the knowledge we had gained from being in the business for so long. We both enjoyed the opportunity to work with and develop some of the up and coming talent and potential future Superstars.

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