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10/21/2015, 06:09 PM

Sold out crowd, positive reviews and a MLB icon in attendance make Toronto premiere of 'Gridlocked' a home run!

By / @trishstratuscom
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The 500 person Scotiabank Theatre, the site of the Toronto After Dark Film Festival, quickly sold out for Gridlocked's Canadian premiere screening once word broke that its star, Trish Stratus, would be in attendance.

Shortly before her arrival to the Scotiabank Theatre in Toronto, Trish teased about a special guest that would be joining her.

Guesses included former WWE Superstars Edge and Chris Jericho, while others, perhaps influenced by the Toronto Blue Jays' MLB playoff run, thought it would be 2-time World Series champ and 5-time All-Star Joe Carter.

Indeed, it was the longtime friend of Trish and co-star of her Stratusphere Yoga for Men DVD and baseball legend Joe Carter who walked the red carpet with Trish and joined her for the screening.

An excited Toronto crowd welcomed Trish, co-star Cody Hackman and director Allan Ungar as they introduced the film.

Off the heels of this successful screening at After Dark, the reviews have been extremely favorable with one critic calling the film, "A crowd-pleasing action thrill ride". -Cinema Axis

Following the film, the Gridlocked gang remained for a Q&A session and the stars of the film signed autographs and took photos with fans in attendance. Three lucky fans were able to watch the sold out film thanks to a generous Trish, who gave out 3 tickets.

Exclusive photos

Photos: Rohan Laylor/Phat Dog Visuals


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