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02/10/2015, 05:06 PM

Trish remembers a moment with the newest Hall of Fame inductee Rikishi

By Jon Waldman / @jonwaldman
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When most retired WWE Superstars and Divas look back on their careers in the ring, they don't think back to taking some moves with warm, fuzzy feelings; but that's not the case for Trish Stratus.

With the announcement of Rikishi being the latest WWE Hall of Fame inductee, Trish took a moment to reflect on the time she joined the long list of sports entertainment heroes who took one, literally, in the face, in the name of entertaining legions of fans.

"I remember being told I was getting the Stink Face and I was like ‘yes!’ it was like I had a bucket list of taking finishers," Trish said. "Along with Bubba putting me through the table, taking a Rock Bottom, Chokeslam, Edge’s Spear and RKO – Stink Face was on that list!"

Rikishi delivered hundreds of Stink Faces throughout his WWE career. Best known for wearing a thong in the ring, Rikishi also spent time as a member of the Tag Team Championship tandem known as the Headshrinkers and as a solo performer in the mid 1990s; but once he was aligned with Too Cool – Scotty 2 Hottie and Grandmaster Sexay – Rikishi showed his personality the greatest. Agile for a man of his size, Rikishi was an amazing in-ring performer who moved like a man half his size.

Inarguably, the former Intercontinental Champion was best known for the Stink Face, and though a legion of Superstars took their turn behind the Samoan's ample posterior, he counts Trish as one of the best. "There was a picture that went viral of Trish taking the Stink Face and she took it like a champ," Rikishi told earlier this year. "In this picture all you can see is a butt and all of this blonde hair coming out the butt, you don’t see her face."

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