WWE Network update: Trish featured in countdown for most dangerous divas

By     June 18, 2014

This week's episode of WWE Countdown featured the top 10 most dangerous divas in history. Ranked by the WWE Universe, Trish came in at stratusfying #2 on the list.

Quotes from past & present divas on what made Trish so dangerous included:

"Trish Stratus had the drive. She knew what she wanted; she wanted to be at the top and do whatever it took to be the top diva." -Eve Torres

"She had the perfect body. She had the cute face. She was willing to do anything that had to do with the 'Attitude Era'." -Vickie Guerrero

"You don't expect her to get in the ring and really give it to you, Then, she gets in the ring and she's able to whoop your butt!" -Summer Rae

"She was the complete package." -AJ Lee

"Trish wasn't afraid to fail. She wasn't afraid to get a broken nose or to get bruises - she wasn't afraid to keep moving forward." -Natalya

"She was a go-getter. Didn't matter what it was standing in her way - she would tough through it." -Tamina Snuka

And, a thanks:

"I don't think I could be a WWE Diva if Trish Stratus hadn't of done so well in her career." -Layla

WWE Countdown can be seen on WWE Network.

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WWE Network update: Trish makes countdown for biggest backstabs

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